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The Privacy Sandbox

As a company committed to enabling a better, safer digital experience, we welcome initiatives across the ecosystem that increase customer privacy. We will be closely collaborating with Google as they roll out their multi-year initiative, The Privacy Sandbox, to ensure our customers continue to get the comprehensive marketing measurement and insights they need to make good choices for their business.

The ecosystem’s gradual shift to privacy

As the ecosystem shifts to be more privacy oriented we can see a trend offering greater privacy preserving solutions. Google’s Privacy Sandbox is a gradual, two-year roll-out. This allows the industry to come together to support and innovate with creative solutions.

The deprecation of GAID by 2024

Google shared back in February 2022, that Android, the most widespread global operating system in the world, is going to deprecate its user identifier for advertisers – GAID (Google Advertising ID) by 2024. This will give the user a degree of privacy while maintaining high functionality within the advertising ecosystem.

Safety section in Google Play

Back in late 2021, Google launched its new “Safety Section” in Google Play that helps end users understand the data that an app collects or shares, and how the app secures their data. The Safety Section requires that app developers provide details on what data they collect, how it is handled, and shared. This includes their use of any third party SDKs.

Android Advertising ID permission settings

Back in late 2021, Google announced that apps targeting Android 12 would be required to declare a new permission in their <AndroidManifest>, in order to access the Android Advertising ID of the device. Later, Google updated that this would be a requirement by apps targeting Android 13 as well. For apps that do not add this permission, the users Advertising ID will show as a string of zeros.

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